Andres Boiarsky

Andres Boiarsky was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, where he began music lessons as a young child. He began to take an interest in jazz in 1972 after being taken to Duke Ellington concert in Buenos Aries, and later saw Dizzy Gillespie, who became the basic reason for him to study jazz. He is thoroughly grounded in the classics, with a conservatory education in Argentina and at the Royal College of Music in England. After his Royal College studies he returned home to Argentina, and made numerous forays to New York City to absorb music from the jazz artists performing there. Boiarsky made New York his permanent residence in the mid 80's and established himself well. From 1989 to 1993 he served as musical director for Lionel Hampton's band, and since 1993 has been in Paquito D'Rivera's United Nation Orchestra and performing solo as well as some tours around the world with small groups.
Recommended recordings:"Free Wheelin'" With Claudio RoditiReservoir RSR CD 136
"Samba - Manhattan Style" With Claudio RoditiReservoir RSR CD 139
"Double Standards" With Claudio RoditiReservoir RSR CD 148
"Into the Light"
as leader
Reservoir RSR CD 149
He has recorded as a leader also on the British label Spotlite and has three albums out in Argentina.