Greg Finnegan

Greg Finnegan was born in County Wicklow, Ireland. He spent his childhood in Edmonton and with his family later moved to Vancouver Island. Gred studied theatre arts in Victoria and in Vancouver he became involved in comedy writing. Greg continued his vocal training and began to develop his own repertoire of "standards".

Greg's musical odyssey took him to Toronot where he perfected his distinctive vocal style working a series of one-nighters in small clubs in and around that city.

Meanwhile, Greg continued his writing for the stage, and his theatrical credits include a production of his full length book musical "The Case Of The Curious Cabaret" at the 1995 Kawartha Summer Festival in Lindsey, Ontario.

Greg's collaboration with his musical director, guitarist Sean Bray, began in 1994. They soon began performing together as a duo.

Greg recently made his recording debut on the Toronto jazz label "Counterpoint Recordings". Produced and arranged by Sean Bray, the CD is entitled "Songs in a Misty Night" and features greg backed by the Sean Bray Trio.

Recommended recordings:"Songs in a Misty Night"Counterpoint CDR-009