Herb Hall

The late Herb Hall (he died at the age of 88 in March of 1996), was a member of a distinguished New Orleans musical family. The youngest of five brothers, he grew up somewhat in the shadow of Edmond, who had become a world renowned clarinetist.

Like his brothers he spent most of the 1930's playing alto and baritone saxophones with the Don Albert Orchestra. During the war years he gigged in the San Antonio area before heading north to Philadelphia and a job with Herman Autrey. From there he moved to New York and worked a wide variety of engagements before joining the Eddie Condon band in 1957.

His career as an internationally recognized stylist began with his tour of France and North Africa at the end of 1955 with Sammy Price.

In 1967 he shared the stage of Toronto's Colonial Tavern with pianist Don Ewell, bassist Jim McHarg and drummer George Reed for an extended engagement. A year later he was back with another spontaneously assembled band, The Jazz Giants.

Recommended recordings: "Old Tyme Modern"Sackville SKCD 2-3003