Barry Martyn

Barry (Kid) Martyn was born in London, England February 23rd 1941 and made his professional debut in 1955 as a drummer/singer.

He visited New Orleans in 1960 to study drums with Cie Frazier, stayed on and produced an LP of New Orleans music in 1961. He became the only white member of the black musicians' local union in 1963.

During the mid and late 1960's he took U.S. musicians to Europe to play with his band, performed at the 1968 and 1969 New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival and at the Los Angeles tribute to Louis Armstrong concert in 1970. He moved to L.A. permanently that same year . He has recorded with Jim Robinson, George Lewis, Barney Bigard, Chris Barber and many other traditional musicians, written extensively on New Orleans jazz and taped a complete biography of Barney Bigard.

Recommended recordings:"Barry Martyn on Tour 1969"GHB BCD-255
"Barry Martyn's Down Home Boys"Sackville SKCD2-3005