This season (1998), as JAZZ BEAT completes its 15th year on the air, host Katie Malloch continues to present two hours of the best in contemporary jazz performances.

Powerful concert recordings and studio sessions, current and classic CD releases, plus exclusive interviews with top jazz performers; they're all part of the JAZZ BEAT package.

Katie Malloch grew up in a jazz-loving household and built on that early background to develop an intimate knowledge of the music. Her love for jazz and her easy presentation style are perfectly suited to engage aficionados and casual listeners alike.

In her 22-year broadcasting career, Katie Malloch has done a variety of programmes for both radio and television, but she has found her happiest niche as host of JAZZ BEAT for the last 15 years (JAZZ BEAT has been on the air since October 1983). Katie says, "it's a great joy to know that people are learning to love jazz as they listen to JAZZ BEAT, and that people who already love the music are tuning in every week."

Listeners can contact JAZZ BEAT: E-Mail [email protected]